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Springvest Corporation

Address: 301-1 Min Sheng West Road. Taipei 103, Taiwan, ROC
Tel: 886-2-2550-1191
Email: office@springvest.com


Welcome to the new Springvest webpage. We are just starting to build it so currently the web site has limited functions.

What's New

Open Solutions goes public. OPEN

Tessera goes public. TSRA

Advancis goes public. AVNC

Dynavax goes public. DVAX


EachNet sold to Ebay for $222 million


Logic Vision occupies over 70% of BIST market.












Things to know

  • Springvest is the investment arm of China First Steel Ropes Mfg. Co., Ltd. 
  • links buttons are not yet functioning
  • We are currently seeking investment projects
  • Email is fully functional

For many of those who are affected by the economic slowdown, here is a nice quote from Ted Dintersmith of Charles River Ventures:

Do not confuse a great financial outcome with what is important. During the past few years, a bunch of great entrepreneurs did not make money, and a lot of mediocre entrepreneurs made obscene fortunes.  Life is not fair.  When evaluating how good a person is (including yourself), pay no attention to how much money he made during the Internet bubble.  The Internet gods sprinkled large amounts of money from the heavens.  Some people were in the right place at the right time and others were not.  Where you happened to be standing has nothing to do with how good a person you are.  Never-never-forget this.




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